Managing Stress is the Key to Employee and Organizational Behavioral Health and Wellness

ImageBehavioral health problems are eroding corporate bottom lines as never before. It is a mounting concern for all stakeholders: workers, employers, insurers.  Healthy workers have happier lives, higher morale, and greater energy, and are more productive at work and at home. In the twenty first century, health is primarily a behavioral issue related to how well we take care of ourselves. Controlling stress at its source is a big piece of how we do take care of ourselves to achieve behavioral wellness and the key to controlling stress is meaningful assessment and data-driven Behavioral Wellness Action Planning. Stress Directions provides keys to Behavioral Wellness at both the individual and organizational level

If your company is like most, behavioral health costs more than anyone knows. Try our Behavioral Health Cost Calculator™ to get a better idea of just how much it's costing your company. Behavioral resilience on the individual and organizational level is crucial for survival in this fast-paced world of global competition for diminishing resources. See how behaviorally vulnerable you are by taking our free Behavioral Resiliency test ™. Then see how behaviorally resilient your company is by filling out the Corporate Behavioral Resiliency test™. 

Information for Health Plans

The spiraling cost of health care has made it increasingly difficult for health plans to continue delivering quality services at affordable rates. Forward-thinking health plans have begun incorporating proactive, health-promoting programs such as the DEAR Behavioral Wellness Program to reduce utilization of benefits by keeping subscribers healthy.



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Information for HR Managers

The use of data and hard evidence provides employers with more accurate and consistent information to manage costs, workforce health, and overall productivity. Employers rely on their human resource professionals to provide them with that data and evidence. Learn how behavioral issues impact the health, wellness, and productivity of your workforce.

See how the DEAR Behavioral Wellness Program and the Workforce Behavioral Wellness Profile can help you provide the strategic hard data and evidence needed to make those key management decisions with data-based confidence.